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Vol. 16 No. 4 (2020)
Published December 7, 2020

The Arid Zone Journal of Engineering, Technology and Environment is peer reviewed journal with the objectives to explore, develop and elucidate the knowledge of Engineering design and technology, to keep Practitioners and Researchers informed on current issues and best practices, as well as serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise among technology researchers and practitioners. AZOJETE is published by the Faculty of Engineering, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria.

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P. A. Ozor, C. G. Ozoegwu
Comparison of Multiple Linear and Quadratic Models in Estimating Road Crashes in Semi-Urban Two-Lane Roads: Case Study of Nsukka Municipal Council, South Eastern Nigeria
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K. Jirgba, O. O. Adeleke, P. T. Adeke
Evaluation of the Accessibility of Public Transport Facilities by Physically Challenged Commuters in Ilorin Town, Nigeria
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A. A. Okandeji, F. Onaifo, M. T. Kabir, K. Yakubu
Design and Implementation of Internet of Things Based Irrigation System
Click here to download PDF
S. G. Yadima, I. O. Ibiang, A. N. Jones
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Floating and Suspended Materials for Reducing Evaporation Losses in Small Water Bodies
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M. A. Afolayan, T. N. Olayiwola, Q. T. Nurudeen, O. Ibrahim, I. S. Madugu
Performance Evaluation of Soiling Mitigation Technique for Solar Panels.
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I. O. Olaoye, Y. A. Salako, O. K. Owolarafe
Development of Multi Seeds Oil Expeller
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S. Yunusa, A. S. Ahmed, M. Yusuf, S. G. Bawa
Characterization of Synthesized Zeolite Socony Mobile 5 (ZSM-5) from Bularafa Diatomite.
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Y. A. Unguwanrimi, S. A. Okaiyeto, A. M. Sada, S. I. Ogijo, J. B. Jonga, N. Oji
Development and Performance Evaluation of a Manually Operated Groundnut Roaster
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K. K. Nnamani, A. D. Usman, K. A. Abubilal
An Efficient Technique for the Reduction of Packet Loss in Wireless Sensor Network
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O. B. Eyenubo, O. Peretomode, F. Egharevba, S. A. Osakwe
Assessment of Some Heavy Metal Pollution on Soil via E-Waste Dumping Activities and Unpolluted Soil in Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria
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O. Oyebode, K. Shoji
Development of a Simple, Movable, Indoor Soil Bin Equipped with some Novel Measuring and Soil Preparation Devices
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M. A. Abba-Aji, A. B. Muhammad, D. D. Onwe
Corrosion inhibition of mild steel determined using blended bitter leaf (Vernonnia amygdalina) extract and honey in dilute H2SO4 and HCl acid solutions
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A. T. Abdulrahim, S. Abdulkareem, M. Haruna, A. S. Abdulraheem, F. A. Oluwole, G. M. Ngala, U. A. Mukhtar
Performance Evaluation of Solar Oven Using Kapok Wool as Insulation Material
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J. M. Ogunsua, O. P. Akomolafe, S. N. Oyewole, O. Ajiboye, M. O. Zubair, Y. D. Idris, F. M. Omopariola, O. A. Adeiza, F. F. Olayemi
Evaluation of NSPRI Solar Dryers for Yam Chips Production (Elubo)
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A. A. Okandeji, F. Onaifo, O. O. Olaluwoye, S. N. Ukagu, B. O. Sosanya, I. E. Imobhio
Design Analysis of Microcontroler Based Automatic Power Management in Photovoltaic Systems
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S. O. Sada, L. C. Enyi
Parametric Optimization and Determination of a Suitable Welding Process for Stainless Steel-Mild Steel Dissimilar Metals Weld
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J. O. Akinyele, H. A. Kehinde, U. T. Igba
Structural Efficiency of Concrete Containing Crushed Bone Aggregates
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H. O. Orugba, O. D. Onukwuli, A. K. Babayemi, J. C. Umezuegbu
Five-Factor Response Surface Optimisation of Hydrochloric Acid Dissolution of Alumina from a Nigerian Clay
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