Improved Gearless Transmission System
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Gearless Transmission
Power Losses

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Dagala, V. M., Mshelia, Z. A., Abba-Aji, M. A., & Arku, A. Y. (2023). Improved Gearless Transmission System. ARID ZONE JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT, 19(2), 193-202. Retrieved from


Gearless transmission is an elbow mechanism that transmits power with little losses. The system is mainly used to reduce the usage of complex gears likewise the wearing conditions of the gears that requires high cost of repairs and or maintenance. Therefore, exploration into this study lead to rejuvenate ideas through which power was transmitted using different mechanism by replacing a bevel gear with an elbow mechanism for transmitting the power between the two shafts at 90°. The mechanism hubs were fixed at both ends of the shafts through which power was transferred. The sizes of the pins and links were measured, likewise the holes were drilled precisely. In this study, three elbows were connected radially at an angle of 120° to the center of the axis. The transmission was made cost-effective and efficient with the average efficiency of 94.8% and a complete freedom of interchangeability whereby the total cost of production was #76,000. Of this arrangement, the mechanism has effective and minimum amount of power (10.18Nm) at the handle needed for a complete revolution. It’s a simple working principle, smooth with an effective and lesser power needed to propel it.


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