Development of a Manually Operated Sleeve Puller Kit for Reciprocating Type Engine
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Shear Stress
Grey-Cast Iron

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Abba-Aji, M. A., Shuwa , M., & Dagala, V. M. (2023). Development of a Manually Operated Sleeve Puller Kit for Reciprocating Type Engine. ARID ZONE JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT, 19(2), 247-256. Retrieved from


This work describes design and construction of manually operated sleeve puller kit for removal of piston liners. Piston cylinder sleeves which are firmly fixed in the engine block of many reciprocating engines are normally removed for the purpose of repairs, maintenance and replacement, and is difficult to remove by hammering; hence the need for a puller. To demonstrate the workability of the design, a cylinder sleeve of 100KvA generator was constructed. The components for the device were: frame, screw and base, constructed from grey cast iron, unalloyed free cutting steel and copper alloy materials respectively. The components were constructed using cutting, drilling, rolling and arc welding machine operations. The sleeve puller was tested on a 100KvA parkins generator. The cost of producing the device was N9, 150:00, which was effective compared to similar devices in the market that cost within the range of N15, 000 to N20, 000. From the performance test results obtained, the maximum torque to raise the required load was determined to be 452.898 × 103 N-mm and shear stress of the screw as 23.697MPa which was less than the strength of free cutting steel (56MPa). Buckling criterion was 371.09KN>75KN, transverse shear at the root and body area of the screw are 8.768<19MPa and 10.484MPa<56MPa. A piston sleeve puller was successfully developed. A hydraulic or electrically operated can further be investigate.


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