Vol. 19 No. 1 (2023)


G. E. Okpanachi, A. Abugh, G. B. Nyior, U. H. Suleiman
Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Surface Modified Ukam Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composites
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A. M. Auwal, M. O. A. Mtallib, M. T. Abdulwahab , A. Mohammed
Evaluation of the Influence of Ground Wastes Glass on Mechanical Properties of High Performance Concrete
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T. H. Ibrahim, E. Betiku, B. O. Solomon, J. O. Oyedele, G. O. Olaifa, A. A. Adekunle
Validation of wet chemistry method as alternative to gas chromatography for biogas methane content determination
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E. A. Adu, E. I. Bamishaiye, B. Ibrahim, J. Jude, O. S. Kamaldeen, A. A. Isiaka
Evaluation of Evaporative Cooling Structure (ECS) and Artificially Aerated Onion Structure (AAOS) for Storage of Fresh Red Onion.
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H. I. Mohammed, Y. B. Yamusa, Z. Majid, K. Ahmad
Geospatial Multi Criteria Selection of Best Sanitary Landfill Site and their Geotechnical and Digital Image Analysis.
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T. N. Guma, M. M. Maikudi
Corrosion of Aluminium Metal in Food Environments and its Associated Health Risk Issues: A Review
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A. N. Jones, B. B. Kurna , U. A. Ibrahim
Evaluating the Effect of Temperature and Prolong Storage on Hibiscus Cannabinus (kenaf) Extracts in Drinking Water Treatment
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N. R. Nwakuba, S. N. Asoegwu, G. A. Makanjuola
Effect of Loading Rate on Viscoelastic Behaviour of Cassava Roots (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) in Bending
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A. R. Adesiji, O. D. Jimoh, P. A. Adeoye, A. J. Odofin, O. E. Asogwa, J. A. Mangey, O. M. Odekunle
Effect of Chemical Fertilizers on Groundwater Quality in an Unconfined Aquifer
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J. Akanni, B. Adewusi, A. A. Isa, R. A. Alao
An Automated Prototype System for Alcohol Level Detection in Drunk Drivers and Vehicle Control.
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N. A. Aviara , R. A. Ma’aji
Effect of Moisture Content on some Physical Properties of Red Kidney Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Seed Grown in North Eastern Nigeria
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U. A. Mukhtar, M. Shuwa, A. B. Muhammad
Sizing Analysis of Hybrid Energy Supply for Buildings Integrated with Battery Storage
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C. O. Njoku, A. V. Gambo, E. U. Uche
Optimization of the Industrial use of Renewable Energy for Sustainable and Cost Effective Rural Electrification
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M. O. Ibitoye, Y. K. Ahmed, A. B. Saad, T. M. Ajibola
Fabrication and Evaluation of an Affordable Infant Radiant Warmer for use in Limited Resource Settings
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