Vol. 18 No. 1 (2022)


M. O. Omobowale, J. C. Ogwumike, A. E. Olenloa, O. R. Kolayemi, A. A. Ala, M. O. Omodara, G. O. Otitodun, S. I. Nwaubani, K. E. Ileleji, S. G. McNeill, G. P. Opit
Technical Appraisal of some Maize Shellers in Oyo and Kwara States of Nigeria
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I.S. Muhammad, A.M Alkali , K. Bulu
An Investigation of Soil Bearing Capacity for Building and Structural Foundation Design: A Case Study of Polo Area, Maiduguri, Nigeria.
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U. A. Ibrahim, A. N. Alkali, B. O. Sanyaolu, B. Usman
Nigerian Water Resources Management – An Overview
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A. M. O. Abdul Raheem, E. A. Adeoye
Preparation and Characterization of Steam Activated Chicken Eggshell for Gaseous Pollutant Adsorption
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G. A. Olarinoye, I. Abdulwahab
Comparative Analysis and Simulation of the d-q Reference Frame Model of the Three Phase Induction Motor and its Modification
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M. T. Abdulwahab, O. A. U. Uche, A. Aboshio, A. Mohammed, A. Suleiman, A. M. Auwal, S. U. Chidawa
Effects of Rice Husk Ash on Durability of Self-Compacting Concrete Made with Cassava Peel Ash
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A. B. Ngulde, K. Silas, H. D. Mohammed, A. L. Yaumi, U. H. Taura, H. H. Mari
Conversion of Biomass to Adsorbent: A Review
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B. Y. Sanda, A. U. Bah, A. Ibrahim
Involvement of the General Public in the Management of Water Pollution in Johor Bahru Malaysia
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K. Mustapha, U. O. Aliyu, G. A. Bakare
Performance Evaluation of 200W Solar Photovoltaic Panel Considering Bauchi Microclimatic Conditions.
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F. O. Okeola, F. O. Nwosu, T. O. Abu, E. O. Odebunmi, O. B. Owolabi
Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Bleaching Process in Aqueous Solution using Sodium Hypochlorite
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S. Kiman, H. D. Mohammed, N. B. Aliyu, T. H. Usman , D. B. Kayode
Performances of Metal Oxides Supported in Monolith for Combined SO2/NOx removal from Flue Gas
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Z. Jagun, A. Okandeji, C. Eya, M. Olajide, A. Ominike, S. Ukagu
Design and Implementation of a Transistorized Bi-Controlled based Utility-Connected Battery Charger for Underdeveloped Nations
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A. I. Agbonaye, O. C. Izinyon
Evaluation of Best- Fit Probability Distribution Models for Prediction of Rainfall in Southern Nigeria
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U. A. Kawuyo, N. A. Aviara, H. H. Mari, B. M. Ahmed
Physical Properties of Four Varieties of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L. Moench) Grain at Different Moisture Contents
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