Vol. 18 No. 4 (2022)


G. I. Agbara, B. Babagana
Effects of Differently Treated Cassava Flours Blended with Bambara Groundnut Flour on the Bread Making Potential of Two Nigerian Wheat Cultivars
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E. L. Omoze, J. O. Emagbetere
Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Pathloss Prediction Model for LTE Network for Microcells in an Urban Environment
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P. Mamman, M. Saidu, A. Busari, S. Sadiku
Influences of pH and Temperature on the Anaerobic Fermentation of Groundnut Shell and Cow Dung for Biogas Production
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T. O. Onah, O. M. Egwuagu, R. E. Ozioko, S. Chukwujindu, A. M. Nwankwo, I. A. Nnaji, C. C. Aka
Simulation Analysis of Benchmark Axial Velocity After Sudden Expansion using Computational Fluid Dynamics
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N. A. Sale, R. A. Kohn, A. Sale, U. S. Mohammed, I. B. Dalha
Composition and Biochemical Methane Potential from Different Typha Components
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S. O. Odeyemi, M. S. Sholagberu, R. Abdulwahab, A. A. Adedeji
Impact of Accelerated Carbonation Curing (ACC) on the Properties of Guinea Corn Husk Ash Blended Concrete
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D. A. Uzoma, D. R. Awotunde, A. I. Auwalu, K. A. Abba, J. B. Lucius, B. T. Magaji, A. M. Oparaeke
Fabrication of Probe Trap for Monitoring Cowpea Weevil Infesting Stored Cowpea
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A. A. Badejo, F. C. Nkeshita, O. J. Adelasoye, O. P. Adeyanju
Reduction of Colour from Indigo Dye-Rich Wastewater by Electro-Coagulation using Iron (Fe) and Aluminum (Al) Electrodes
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P. I. Obi, O. Oputa, E. A. Amako
Optimal Load Scheduling of Power Plants in a Grid Considering the Plant’s Capacity and Line Losses
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G. E. Okpanachi, A. S. Hassan, El – M. A. Ahmed, S. U. Hussein, F. Alapa
Simulation and Experimental Study of Tensile Strength of Ukam Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composites using ANSYS
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N. A. Aviara, A. A. Adesanya, I. J. Iyilade, E. O. Olorunsola, S. K. Oyeniyi
Application of Image Analysis in Food Grain Quality Inspection and Evaluation During Bulk Storage
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K. O. Oriola, J. B. Hussein, M. O. Oke, R. D. Isiaka
Moisture and Temperature Influence on Thermal Properties of Winged Bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) Seed Accessions
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A. A. Musa, M. A. Mohammed, E. T. Dauda
Influence of Tungsten Inert Gas Welding on Hardness, Tensile Strength and Microstructures of Aluminum 6061 Alloy Weldments
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A. A. Lawal, A. U. Dzivama, N. A. Aviara, M. A. Hassan, M. R. Zakaria, Y. Shirai
Evaluation of pyrolyzed oil palm frond in the adsorption of residual phenolic compounds in facultatively treated palm oil mill effluent
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S. A. Atanda, A. O. Anifowoshe, M. O. Oladeinde, Q. A. Olumoh, I. O. Udefi , P. O. Pessu
Modification, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Insulated Box for Post-Harvest Handling of Fish
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A. Aliu, A. A. Barnabas, A. M. Rufai, S. O. Okpo
Influence of Antimony Micro-Alloy Addition on the Mechanical Properties of Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron (CADI)
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